Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quilter Goes Mad

Runningaroundincircles, meetingmyselfcomingandgoing, cannotrememberanything, notsleeping.....does this mean I am officially nuts?  Why is no one noticing the difference?  Oh yeah, I have always been like this.  When I actually start looking for my List, and begin trying to check things off of it as "done," even I get worried.  Avoiding that List is usually what gets things done.  O.K., so they are not the things that are the most important, but, waaaay funner. 

We have run out of nearly everything in the way of patterns and appliques.  We need to cut MPC pieces, and fabric, lots and lots of fabrics, etc. We need to repack the trailer, send orders.....all on the List. Oh yeah, I am supposed to make a ten foot rug for Roc-Lon before I head to the Susan G Komen 3 Day Walk.....Talk about TOP of the List !!  So, the night we got in from our last gigs, we crashed around midnight. I woke up at 2 in the morning with a bazillion things on my mind.  So, I got up and took down all the stuff on the walls of the sewing room, then washed the walls and painted the room.   Then, I repainted the corner cabinet in the Hallway, moved furniture, cleaned drapery, etc etc.... See what I mean?  None of these tasks were on that List....well, they were somewhere on there but that List is so long and they are so far down on the List that I could not find them, anyway, so what difference does that make? Does anyone out there even care?  OHMYGOSH, now I am talking to myself.  Creepy.

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