Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quilter's Work in Progress

Apparently I am making some progress with things on " The List." This is a picture to prove it. Truth is, I am the one who needs the proof, sigh. Of course, none of these babies is finished. The receiver of the silk quilt on the bottom of the projects is getting married in the next few weeks. Anyone placing bets on when I will get it done?

In the meantime, I got an idea........
How about a peek at the latest work in progress, this chair. You guessed it--not on the list. Who cares? I think it is the prettiest, most sophisticated one yet. I might have even completed it but I ran out of gold paint. Just the facts, folks, just the facts.


  1. This is, indeed, sophisticated! (er ... well it will be once it's complete, hahahahaha!!) Do you give the chair a light sanding first so the paint will stay?

    Re: wedding quilt ..... I bet they get it within a month of the wedding .... "busy person", you know!!

  2. Of course I did not take the time to sand it. I am going outside right now to remedy that for the "real" coat of paint. The first painting was done with the dregs of an old can in an, "I cannot wait to see this" mode. Truthfully, this metallic paint is not all that durable from what I can tell. Do you think folks are gonna want to use it??????????? They betta have nine lives 'cause I might use one of those, heh heh