Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nothing to do with Quilting

Let's be more accurate. What I am doing these days has almost nothing to do with quilting. I have been known to sneak in a visit to a fabric shop now and then. And, getting samples of fabrics for future quilts--does that count? and what about Thinking? I am almost always thinking and planning for the next quilt-related ideas, hmmmmm. O.K., O.K., so just about everything I do has something to do with quilting/fabric/designs/kits. Does that make me a fibber? or just simply confused? Yeah, that's it, Confused. I have even been accused of being in a State of Confusion on several occasions. So let's go with that.....

How about a few more...well, you know....this series? "Pastel Posies"

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