Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quilter Gets a Good Night's Sleep

Finally, we can rest. Thanks to all of you who have been checking in on me and not rewarded, or punished as the case may be, for your support. I have been beyond tired. As usual, the trip to California did not go without its "issues." At some point in west Texas, I decided it was not the best idea I had ever had to be driving while sleeping so I let Brandy drive. Before I closed my eyes I asked how we were on gas. No problemo, more than half full. The reality is that we only get 10 miles to the gallon while pulling a trailer so it is never truly a "no problemo" situation. If you have ever driven West Texas, you know that the gas stations are few and very far between. You get where I am daughter loves to listen to books on tape. Well, that seems to have taken precedence over paying attention to the gas gauge. Sure enough, when I opened my eyes and looked that the gauge, "No Problemo" was not in my vocabulary!!! It was over 100 degrees, we had no water, and, more importantly, no gas. I called 911. This time I was not calling Tom. The amazing thing was the police actually came to our rescue. They were simply amazing and deserve a huge round of applause for their efforts on our behalf. We were on our way and basically filled up at each and every gas station for the rest of the trip.

Right now we are in Santa Fe, joining my brother for his birthday celebration. He is an amazing cook, as is my other brother, Robert. So, we are fat and happy, and, as I mentioned at the beginning, rested. The only thing missing is Tom.....


  1. This morning I was just about to yell at you to fone home, ET. So very glad you posted, dear lady.

    Have MUCHO fun with the bubbas !

  2. West Texas is indeed barren of the necessities - gas and potties!! So glad the troopers came to your rescue! Hope the show was great, tho.