Monday, August 22, 2011

Quilted Chair

I wanted to see what a chair without the padded backing would look like. I decided to do a "Sampler" of stitches on silk fabrics. Then, I went crazy with the big green and purple hanging thingies. Waaaay funner than dealing with the issues at hand. Did I mention that all the toilets and tubs in the house overflowed last night????? Yeah, like I did not have enough water in all the wrong places. Where is the water OUTSIDE?

Well, the last sale went so well, we have decided to offer another. How about half off of your choice of a quilt pattern or applique?

Patterns: "I Sea Stars", "Sunny Daze", "Quilt on a Chair", "Quilt on a Rug" (Originally $10.00/$8.00, now $5.00/4.00)

Appliques: "Hearts", "Gecko", "Daisy", "Giggle Fish" (Originally, $8.00, now, $4.00) plus shipping (318 247-9725)

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