Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy Busy Quilter

I was just thinking, doesn't the very word "Quilter" imply busy?? I mean, saying "busy quilter" seems redundant. Oh well, just a thought.

The gold chair, done. And, yes, Gale, I was a good girl and sanded all the other paint before repainting. She is sooo observant to have been able to detect that. Truthfully, she just knows me too well. Knows that I just might skip a step or two to see what the project is going to look like. Then, I tend to be "done" and move on to the next idea never to return and reallllly finish it, gulp. TMI, heh heh. In between, I squeezed in this director's chair seat for my cousin, Chris. I just loved the stripes. Avoiding the "L" word.....

These chairs are just a little sneak preview into the upcoming book. I might just mention that book one or two zillion more times. You've been warned.


  1. Ha! Funny that you said that .... I was truly just asking if you sanded first! Didn't pick up anything in the earlier pic (except that you ran out of paint but you already told us that so it didn't take a genius!!) LOL!!!! It turned out really great!