Saturday, August 6, 2011

Quilter Arrives Home

Whoopeeee. Sleeping in one's own bed is one of the best things in life, especially if one's sweet spouse is laying next to you. Oh heavenly nights.

Actually, Tom and I had planned to spend at least one night in Shreveport at Brandy's house, but, of course, things did not go smoothly with that plan. We arrived to find that the air conditioner was not working. It was 100 degrees inside the house--actually cooler outside. I took my bath only to have my make-up drool off my face faster than I could fix it. So-o--o, plan B. Sleep in Ruston, but, first, we went out to eat. I decided to do something I rarely do, have a mixed drink. Now, I remember why I rarely do that. Tom was so patient. He convinced me that dancing on the table naked was probably best done at home to an audience of one. I listened to him--stranger things have happened..TMI????

How about something delightful? Check this out. I just love creative people and this gal is superb. Of course, it does not hurt that she included me in her designs, heh heh. I just might have to make one of these babies. Now, if I can just find the time.....

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