Monday, June 13, 2011

Quiter's Butt

Woopee for all of us. Not too many more opportunities to bug you, at least for this cause. Only $310 more to go for my required fund-raising amount for the Susan G Komen 60 Mile Walk for the Cure. Thank you guys for any and all of your support, now, and in the future. As I mentioned earlier,it saddens me to think that this will probably be my last time to walk in this event. Selfishly, I benefited from this walk. First and foremost, it made me get off my quilting butt and recirculate the blood to other parts of my body. Hello FEET. In the process of practicing for this, one has to walk a total of nearly 60o miles over the months period prior to the walk. In fact, I am heading out for a 4 miler today as soon as I finish this Thread.

Secondly, I have learned that kleenex is even more important than a water bottle. It seems walking is a laxative--all natural, that is for sure. I get dressed, drink water, go pee, etc, all in preparation for a walk. Thinking all the important stuff is taken care of, I head out. Invariably, within 15 minutes, uh oh.....luckily there are several "natural" potty spots along the way. So this is my tip for the day--when you cannot "Go," go for a walk without every time.

So, just in case you would like to assist me in my goal, or know anyone else who would be willing, here is here is the link:

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