Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome Home Quilters!!!

What a welcome we got on Monday. After being gone all week to Arlington, tired, but glad to be home, I innocently pushed the button to open the garage door. (By the way, Innocence was definitely not bliss...)....Water poured off the bottom of the garage door. I thought, "What is up with that?" DUH. Water was also streaming out of the bottom of the back door to the house. I screamed to my daughter to help and we ran into the house, which was also floating, and immediately realized that the powder room was the problem. First, we could not get the door to the bathroom open because it was swollen shut. After much pulling and struggling, the door opened, but, now, we could not turn off the valve. Water was streaming in our faces and the #$%$%^&^%##** valve would not budge. Finally, with the assistance of a hammer and a pair of pliers, success. OHMYGOD, we now went through the house to assess the situation. Water was in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, hallway, and pouring through the walls to the patio and front porch. Not pretty. Definitely not pretty. So, we now have very noisy, very hot machines running 24 hours a day to extract gallons and gallons of water. I keep thinking, "Couldn't it at least have gone towards the grass????" What a waste.

Our house is now on Life Support...see the picture of the machines? The second photo is the new decor of our entry closet. Want to hire us as your new decorators?

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  1. Oh gawd what a mess!! Doesn't it seem as tho these things tend to happen when we're away? I think houses must really be alive.

    Sorry you have such a mess on your hands. Somehow I'm thinking that the clean-up that will be taking place over the next few weeks wasn't on your to-do list. Glad to see you still have your humor to help, tho! Good luck as you re-do. Keep taking progress pics!