Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quilters Head to the Martha Pullen Show

Here we go. Just as I thought I had everything in order to make this a hassle free trip to Arlington, TX, the shipping company emailed me to say that my next load of cups has arrived in Dallas and will incur storage charges if we do not pick up the shipment by tomorrow. Yikes. Regroup. Stop everything. Call 911 (a.k.a., husband). He arranged for us to use a friend's truck. The problem is, the truck has a leak in the AC and needs freon. So, we drove into town, got the truck and took it to the repair shop. Now, back home to pack the car, then we will head back to the repair shop to get the truck and off to Arlington, and Dallas. We had planned to leave early to make it a relaxing is now 3 in the laid plans. If I do not have time to add to my Threads, well, you know. By the way, it has not rained in, like, forever, and it is raining now--as we go to pick up cardboard boxes full of stuff in an open truck? The fun never ends. If you are in the Dallas/Arlington/Fort Worth area, come see us at the Martha Pullen Show.

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