Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dumb Quilter

How can one be so dumb? I just stayed up all night. I was working on a project and next thing I knew, daylight. The light was definitely not on in my head. Too late to go to bed, or is it too early? I wonder how many IQ points one loses along with the loss of a night's sleep? I do not have any spare ones to give away so I could be in bi-i-i-i-ig trouble. My tests: (1) Go for a walk and se if I can fnd my way hme, (2) write drections for a qult patrn, (3) cari on a busns confrence cal, (4) Go fr a wlk and see if I cn find my way hme, (5) wrte drections. Wel, so far, so gud.

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