Monday, June 6, 2011

Quilter Found, Quilt Lost

Hmm, I have written a new blog three times now and keep running off somewhere without saving it. One would think that I would already know that it disappears never to return if left to fend for itself. So, whether the Quilter is found or not is not important. It is whether the blog is found that matters, at least to me ( I mean, I know where I am...)

Oh well, it is not as if I ever have had a lot to say. In fact, my sister is visiting right now and she mentioned that she reads my blog and said, "Dianne, it has gotten more like a diary. Where is the fun stuff?" Perhaps the fun stuff is on vacation. I know that I am not vacationing; I am working.

I did want to mention something really nice that happened the other day. I got an email from a radio station person. It seems that some man was driving along and noticed something in the road. He stopped to check and it was a quilt. The label sewn on the back mentioned my name and the date. He contacted the radio station hoping someone could help him find me so he could return the quilt to its rightful owner. It was the quilt that was raffled off for the Susan Komen walk. So, while we are still in the process of finding the missing owner of the quilt, I think the efforts that both the man who found the quilt and the man from the radio station have made are wonderful--they restore my faith in the kindness of mankind. Thanks to the both of you.


  1. OMGosh, I wonder how that happened!

    Your block was on tv today (Sunday Morning). I screamed "That's Dianne's!" and all the kids looked at me funny because by the time they saw the tv it was showing something else. lol

  2. Waay cool. Thanks for letting me know, Gina. How goes it? As for the lost quilt, I figure the lady who owned it was getting stuff out of the way in her car, put it on the roof and drove off forgetting that is where she put it. Just like something I would do. So far, we have not found her but it is not for lack of trying.