Monday, May 30, 2011

Bizzy Bizzy Quilter

Bizzy. That is my new word for the day. It is a combination of busy and dizzy which is exactly what I am these days. Of course, who exactly is responsible for that state of being???? Duh.

Since today's blog has the potential to be very boring, I thought I would sneak in a new fabric design. ..whatchathink?

Hopefully, each of you is having a lovely relaxing Memorial Day weekend. My sweet sweet son, Chris, is visiting from Houston. Always makes me smile. His darling new wife, Kathy, had to go to San Antonio to take care of her mother who broke her foot by falling on ice. This does not make me smile....things are not going smoothly on that front. Think she needs to take up quilting? After all, if she had been quilting, she would not have been outside sliding on ice. Quilting is the cure for all that ails. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

I walked 4 miles, today. That will eventually seem like a walk-around-the-block as the weeks go by. Remember, I am preparing for the 60 Mile Walk for Susan G Komen. If you get tired of hearing me talk about it, just get me to my donation goal, quickly, and all I will do after that is give you an occasional "HEAD'S UP." As of right now, we are short only $540 dollars (thanks to the generosity of some BFF's) . We will not be allowed to walk unless we raise the funds. So, again, please, if you can find it in your hearts to help out, please copy and paste this address into your search engine. Click on "make a donation," then, "find a participant," and then type in "Dianne Springer." A lot or a little, it all ads up. I will be reminding you until we reach our goal. Thanks, in advance for your help.

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