Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quilter Actually Quilting !!

Finally, I am starting a new quilt. Raise your hand if you think that is on my "To Do" list. I was going to take a picture of the first block for you to see but then I remembered, wait, my cell phone was stolen! Yeah, add that to my Paducah memoirs. My daughter's cell phone was acting up while we were on the road so the first stop we made in Sikeston was to the local ATT store. Those gals were amazing there. In spite of that, we were there for four and a half hours. The end result was both Brandy and I got new phones (technically, I got the new phone and Brandy got mine). I got the coolest cork cover protector. Anyway, the phone was stolen from our hotel room. Thanks to CSI, my husband realized he could track the phone down with the GPS that was installed in the phone. We could even see the actual building that housed our phone and the thief who stole it. Unfortunately, we have yet to actually retrieve the phone. This only makes 6 (SIX) phones for me in the last year and a half. Either I, or the phones are jinxed. Probably the phones are for being put in my care....three of those phone were stolen, one took a potty break, one was borrowed, one given to my daughter. Raise your hand if you think I dare to get another......getthosehandsdownrightthisminute. Remember BFF, BFF, BFF and all that implies.

So, since I could not add an image of the new quilt block, how about a picture of my two sweet brothers, Rob and Don.

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  1. let's put all these adventures into context in that you and Brandy made it HOME safely - Before you hit the road to Salt Lake City, we will all check the weather report. personally I could live w/o the phone for awhile ;-)

    Great photo of the 2 bubbas - you are one lucky lady !