Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where-O_ Where Did Those Quilters Go?

Wow, I nearly forgot to do anything with this blog. Isn't that obvious???? I have been a very very bad blogger, that is for sure.

The trip to Salt Lake was not without its typical bumps. We had not even left Ruston when the alarm when off to indicate the tires needed attention. Luckily, we had only to add air. Whew. Then, about an hour from my brother's house in Santa Fe, I checked to see how many hours would be left from his house to Salt Lake. YIKES (One might ask why I had not already checked this out. That One would not be my BFF, that is for sure). It did not look all that far on the map. Duh. It might have helped if I had actually checked the mileage. I called 911 (a.k.a, husband) and he said I should be fine. Just because the Garmin said I would have a 13 hour drive, did not necessarily mean that. HAHAHAHA. Silly boy. I knew that. When the Garmin says 13 hours, it does not take into consideration potty breaks, cute little shops, eating, cute little shops, fuel stops, cute little "real" time -- 13 hours = 16-20 hours, tops.

Finally, we arrived in Salt Lake City. Brrrr. It was cold, but gorgeous. We unloaded, set up and waited, and waited, and waited....for customers. Where were they? I guess they decided to stay home. Sure wish they had emailed us. Oh well, we made some fun connections. Hey, I was even asked to submit a book proposal. Whatchathinkaboutthat?????

The trip home was exciting. We took a wrong turn (I know, I know, I do have a Garmin. It told me to take that road) that turned out to be terrific. We had gone only about a half mile when the light drizzle turned into snow. A lot of snow. More snow. Gulp. Luckily we made it to Grand Junction, Colorado, where we spent a day an a half with a very old friend who I had not seen in many years. Since I last saw her she has battled colon cancer. Luckily, it seems to be behind her and she looks great. I was gonna add a picture of her but it is not working for me right now. Maybe later.

Then, we went to leave their house for home and, of course, the car would not start. So, we got jump started and headed to Wal-Mart for a new battery. One new battery later, we drove off. Of course, we drove off only after we signed a paper to release Wal-Mart from any responsibility for the warning about our bald tires!!! That was a stress-free drive home....NOT. We dialed 911, again, and hubby ordered new tires that arrived at our door the same day we arrived home. Such a doll.

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  1. OMG! So glad you made it home safely! I would NEVER ask why you had not checked the distance to Salt Lake .. nope ... would never ask such a thing. Why you had bald tires, on the other hand ............ (just kidding xoxoxo!!)

    What a challenge you had. Snow ... and I'm melting in the hot hot 95-degree Florida heat. I'd like some of that snow for just a few hours.

    Oh I soooo hope you do a book! It's quite a time commitment, but still...