Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quilters on the Road to Salt Lake City

We are off and driving, again. We will only drive an hour west, tomorrow, since we will be stopping to take the time to do some much needed yard work on Brandy's house. It has not sold yet so I need at least as many good wishes and prayers for that as I do for the Market in Salt Lake.

I will give a weak promise that I will try my best to add to this blog while we are gone. Wish me lots of luck as I "officially" introduce "I Dream in Color" to the WORLD. I will be doing a talk, as well. The last time I gave one of my talks, I think four folks showed up. Should not be difficult to break my attendance record on this one.

Have a Lovely Mother's Day, tomorrow, to all of you Mommies out there. Do something you love.


  1. I don't think you're going to have any attendance problems this year, Dianne, since you are now a printed fabric designer ! ( w00t ! )

    Yard work, for me, is great stress relief - hope for you too, considering the next mad hatter road trip with Brandy. Maybe she'll write a book someday Escapades Along the Quilted Road ;-)

    as always - Safe Journey, you two !

  2. heellloooooo !?! tap tap tap ... is this thing on ?

    just want to know you are home safe and sound ....

    your bff !