Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quilts are calling...

So many quilting projects are calling....I think they must have the wrong number ! Argh.

The List of quilting projects just keeps growing. Uh-oh. I think we have already discussed, numerous times, the problems with items on "the List." Let's don't even go there. I need deadlines. Yeah, that's it.
It seems that stress is the power behind my heart beating, behind my breathing, my motivator. The things I can accomplish with a deadline.

Right now I need a deadline for this cold to end. I have been coughing for days. It feels like I am going to tear something loose inside. At this point it would be an improvement.

You can see that I have been working on new designs. Hmm, anyone out there see a connection here? New designs? NOT QUILTING??????? duh. This baby is called, "Make a Roux"

1 comment:

  1. your cough description really concerns me - bronchitis/ walking pneumonia ... are you any better ?