Sunday, January 2, 2011

Back but not yet Quilting

Whew, we are finally home. We actually got home late Friday from our Mothers' homes. However, we immediately left for Shreveport. We spent the last two days in the freezing (27 degrees last night) weather, working on our daughter's deck. We are trying to get the deck done so we can get the house ready to sell this Spring. Isn't that the story for so many? I mean, finally get the "gonna-get-to's" done so someone else can reap the benefits? I am considering having a little contest to see who can guess how many weeks/months/years (gulp) it will take to sell our daughter's home. Fingers crossed that it sells quickly so we can get out from under these payments. Sigh. We did have so much fun building it. We put down all of the flooring except for the two rooms with carpet. We even went "vertical" on some of the tile when we decided to tile the entire front of the fireplace. Heck, the contractor wanted to hire me, heh heh. I also sandblasted a design into a five foot window, made all the drapes, bedspreads, glass knobs, a light fixture, chair covers, pillows, etc, etc, etc. It was a labor of love...a gift to our kids. Sadly, the time has come to put that behind us. The good thing, our daughter will be moving back to Ruston, closer to us. I do like that.

Oh, I am still hoping to post some images of some more fabric designs but I have to move them to my new computer, first. Like I know how to do that. Ha Ha Ha. Tom, I need you, again. No, no, honey, not for that, for the computer, really.


  1. jeez ... you want to come help me spruce up my little abode ? with the type of detail you have listed here, the house may sell very quickly - indeed a labor of love !

  2. we will see...I hope to publish some images in the next few weeks before the house goes on the market. I am particularly interested in getting the sand blasted window out for the "world" to see. Thanks for everything.

  3. I bet it sells quickly. Her home is BEAUTIFUL! Whoever buys it will be very lucky!! I'm so glad ours is SOLD!