Monday, January 3, 2011

New Fabrics?

I do seem to recall promising that I would publish new fabric designs. This group is called, "Thistle Do It." Again, I should warn you before you waste your time, these are some more of the Unworthies. Oh well, I liked them.... any input is appreciated, um, at least any input that is nice, complimentary, positive, loving, kind, ect., etc., heh heh.


  1. Happy New Year, Dianne

    LOVE the stems in the background - they give the design a sense of depth and dimension which is very often lacking in fabric.

    That would be fun to work with - thistles are near and dear to me anyways

  2. Kiss kiss. Thanks so much. Hope your 2011 is all that you wish for and more !

  3. I, too, am fond of thistles as a design motif. Nice colors - and nice pop!

    :) Linda

  4. More wonderful stuff! Apparently the folks doing the buying just don't understand how wild us quilters like to get! I hope this batch, too, becomes "worthies" somewhere down the line.

    Love the new blog background!!

  5. Dianne, these are great. What did Timeless say about the Christmas pics you sent me?