Monday, January 31, 2011

New Fabrics New Quilts

YiPPPPEEEEE. I am now officially allowed to tell the Whole Wide World (is that where www. comes from???) that Timeless Treasures is ready to introduce my new line of fabrics. "I Dream in Color" will be a part of the sales force's offerings to the shops, to the public, as of this week. Wooooo woooo. BFF's get out your wallets, clear up those credit cards, and CHARGE out to your local quilt shops, your not-so-local quilt shops, to online shops, know how to do this. Let's make Dianne Springer a household word. HAHAHAHAHA. Cute. Seriously, I would love it if you would help spread the word. It would be beyond embarrassing to me if Timeless Treasures had to end up using my fabrics as packing material.


  1. Woooooo Hoooooooo!! I'm so excited and so happy for you! I'm sending a link to my local quilt shop owner right now!

  2. kiss kiss. Definitely my BFF. Thanks so very much for the terrific support. Big Fat Hug.