Monday, February 25, 2013

Houston, Here We Come

I have a wonderful friend who is very ill.   I promised myself that I would do my best to set my priorities in their proper order.  Well, in the order that I, personally, considered proper.

1.  Shopping.
2.  Playing with Tom.
3.  Shopping
4.  Eating.
5.  Playing with Tom.
6.  Shopping....

Oh wait, that was the old list.  My new list starts with anything that involves family and friends.  So, here I am in Houston visiting both friends and family.  Such a good girl.   Like this is hard.   The truth is that the hard part is not thinking about what I have facing me when I get home.  Gulp.  Think I will go play with Tom some more.  Amazingly, he can make me forget and smile all at the same time, heh heh.

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