Friday, March 26, 2010

The Quilt Shows are Coming

Oh my gosh. It is less than two weeks before I leave for a marathon trip for three back-to-back quilt shows. My friend, Gina, of Splinters and Threads, is going to drive here on Monday. On Tuesday we leave for Springfield, Missouri. Show No. 1. Then we head to Chicago, Illinois, for Show #2. Next, it is on to Paducah, Kentucky, for the Third Show. (That one got all CAPS because it is a BIG SHOW.) We are madly trying to get everything done before we head out.

But, before we go on the Quilt Trip, we head to Alabama to help our Mother celebrate her 91st birthday. My challenge there is to make two twin bed dust ruffles before we leave the following weekend. Stressed is not even close to a description. Sleep is only a word in the dictionary.

I will try to report on our sights and sounds as we move from state to state. Please stop by if you are attending any of these shows. I LOVE to meet new friends. Please do not forget to help with our fundraising efforts for our 60 MILE walk. I will continue to place the link for the BREAST CANCER 3-DAY so you can donate.

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