Friday, March 19, 2010

On my way to the Quilt Show...

About an hour outside of Dallas last weekend, I was in a great mood, singing like I was a contestant on American Idol, you know, the ones that bring tears of pain to the judges' eyes? My problem was that I was desperately in need of a potty break. I stopped at the cutest place. Some of these modern stations are more like mini-malls. Houses of Temptation. The biggest test of my willpower was the bling-bling adorned cell phone holder. I was determined to be good so I decided to go potty and think about it. (Did anyone notice that my bladder had taken a back seat to shopping???? Hey, I have my priorities!!) One little bend at the waist later, and PLOP. Nope, not what you think, it was my cell phone jumping out of my back pocket and into the toilet. It amazed even me how quickly I reacted. Unfortunately, it was too late. I tried toilet paper, the dryer, even packing the phone in rice like I read on the internet. Sigh. I am now on my fifth, yep, my 5th cell phone in 14 months! Boy, did I learn my lesson. Next time I gonna put Willpower in my back pocket and go home with the bling!!

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