Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quilting, as usual...

As usual, I am in avoidance mode. What has been on our minds here in the Springer household is our daughter, Brandy's, health. Three years ago she had a tumor removed from her liver and more than a third of her liver was removed. Now, we just found out on Thursday that the liver has not only regenerated, it is now three times the size it should be. Her spleen has also grown to about three times its necessary size. We are headed to a specialist tomorrow. Novels could be written about her health issues. This is chapter five, at least.

In order to avoid constant worry, I keep very busy. I have been gathering information about just exactly how much product I need to order to be prepared for my next group of shows. Guess I need to make a list, heh heh. Heck, I am getting so good at avoiding what is on a "to do" list that I don't even need to make out the list to avoid the important stuff. I already started some great stuff, a couple of Quilted Mousepads, some Quilted Clipboards, cleaned a couple more shelves in the fabric closet,....I am even looking at knitting some socks....I am really good at avoiding. Maybe I should write a book????????

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