Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Quilting on the brain

My brain, my soul, my life is a quilt. There are blocks of every imaginable pattern. Memories and time are the stitches that hold it together. Some of the sections turned out more lovely than I could have imagined, like the guy I met who turned into my partner for every Spring when the daffodils and the dogwoods begin to bloom...

Sometimes the sections are not what I had imagined, at all. The too soon end to loved ones' lives, for instance -- my Dad at the age of 52, my friend, Max at 46, my friend Mike at 39, and just this weekend, my cousin, Jon, at the age of 55.......

Since there is no way to re-print any of the fabrics, I had better work on some new designs to be worked into new blocks. Happy Quilting.

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