Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just another beautiful old day...

The title of this blog relates to a quote from a five year old. I just loved it. Today is truly a beautiful day. Anyway, I am so excited about doing this Thread "blog" style. I am Totally New to this so please bear with me. Hey, I am pretty new to quilting and even newer to the "quilting business." I started my company, Dianne Springer Designs ( ) two years ago and the learning curve has been HUGE. Here, the curve grows and continues with this blog thingie.

This last weekend I forced myself to stop my quilt stuff so I could finally go down to Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and deliver my sister's Christmas gifts. It did occur to me that I could leave the tree up and the gifts under it and be all nice and ready for next year, heh heh. NOT. My sister would have killed me and I have unfinished quilts in the closet so that would definitely be a bad thing. Besides, I got to go see her - a gift to myself ! I took her to see "Avatar." It was my third time and I am wondering how many times it would take for me to tire of it. Wow Wow Wow. Creativity runs amok in this production. Do yourself a favor and go see it. This is going to be a trendsetter in the movie business.

By the way, changing subjects, anyone want to be a tester for my new quilt pattern? It is called "The Scrap-o-Lator." I will give you a free pattern and my undying gratitude. Impressed? Please call 318 247-9725 and let me know. Have a Grrreat week and do yourself a favor by checking out the


  1. not one to call strangers...but I would try out your can email me at quilts @ riverbluffquilting .com (take out the spaces) and I can give you my mailing address if it is a paper pattern. If electronic, just send it to my email... I am a fan of scrappy quilts!!
    Dara in IA

  2. I'm with Dara, a little nervous about calling, but I would give it a try. E-mail back, if you haven't already found a suitable subject. Thanks.

  3. Cuánto lamento no haber llegado antes, pero aun tienes el patrón para probar? amo los edredones chatarra. Mi correo martasoria255 arroba