Friday, February 12, 2010

Hmm. It seems that this is becoming a "Weekly" instead of the daily editions that I had hoped for. Oh well, fewer opportunities to bore
folks, I suppose.

About my "To Do LIst," heh heh. Definitely avoiding it.
In fact, I am seriously considering changing the name
of that list to the "To Don't List." Here are some new
baskets that I have been working on. I ordered five
additional hanks of the cording needed for making
the baskets and I have already used up all five hanks.
Raise your hand if you think these were on the "Do" list.....

My husband, Tom, just called to say it has already
started to snow. This is a major event in the South.
The not too great part is that Tom, Brandy and I are
planning to head out, tomorrow, for Houston. Son,
Chris, and his girlfriend, Kathy, gave us tickets to
"Stomp." I already saw this group once, a long time
ago, and loved it. I hope they have added new stuff,
but, even if it is exactly the same, it will be entertaining,
for sure. Say a tiny prayer that the tickets were not
bought in vain and that we are able to drive in our
closed snow.