Sunday, February 2, 2014

Such Beauty, Such Sadness.

I hope my brother does not mind my sharing an email that he sent to me recently.  It not only shows what an amazingly talented writer he is but how beautiful a person he very lucky and proud I am to share my life with him.  I have read it and re- read it so many times that I almost have it  memorized.   This was written in honor of our sister, Deb, a.k.a, Lee, who died in an accident.

"The dawn sky is a grey blanket so close that you feel like you could touch it if you were only a bit taller and could jump like Michael Jordan wearing brand new basketball shoes. It's my favorite time of the day when normally I can see the pink-splashed clouds melt away as the sun rises and paints Sun and Moon mountains with details not seen in the dark, but today there is no sunrise, and the colors are gone. And i realize that (I think) this is Deb's birthday.  And this morning seems to reflect the loss of color and magic that she always brought into each of our lives.  Sometimes, like this morning, the space between my eyes fills with a longing to reach out to her to give her a piece of my heart that I never had the courage, thoughtfulness, or sensitivity to give her; that comfort that says simply and forever that I love you without reservation.  So in the hope that she might feel it and that you might feel it too, I don't want to let this dawning moment pass without telling you, and her, that I do love you without reservation.

Happy Birthday Deb.... "

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  1. Holding you guys in my heart - especially her daughter