Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So it begins.....

Yep, it feels like déjà vu to me, too.  I mean, right off the proverbial bat, here I am skipping several days of writing.  Our typical day while here:  get up at five in the morning, leave the house by 6.  We brace ourselves before we join the rest of L.A. on "The 5,"as they say here in sunny California, (remembering why I never want to live in any city that has this kind of traffic) and, with luck, arrive in Ontario about an hour later.  We straighten the booth from the previous day and stand on our feet all day, trying to squeeze in potting and a bite to eat.  At the end of the day, we "yo yo" to my cousin's home, back where we started our day.  We are greeted with absolutely amazing hospitality and food, hoping to not rudely fall asleep, face first in our plate of food, and then we hit the sack, barely getting in Jammie's first before heading into LaLa land.  The next day is a do over of the previous one ending with the last day of the show on Sunday.  Somehow, I just could not find the time to write.    Funny thing is, I love this Gypsy life.

Now just in case my day has not made you green with envy, I will now guarantee that by letting you know that I am now heading to the Alexander Henry warehouse to do my own envying over their environment.  Talk about a completely awesome workplace...not to mention totally drool worthy fabrics.   Please do your best to have a grrrreat day even though you are not here, too.

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  1. Hello Dianne,
    I spoke with you at the quilt show. Love your book. Thanks for sharing your story about your sister and listening to mine regarding my cousin. Hope you had a successful quilt show. Sharon