Wednesday, February 12, 2014


For some reason that word, "certifiable" keeps popping up in my head.  Go figure... After driving to California, then on to Phoenix, then home to spend exactly one night,  I drove six hours down South and gave the two lectures in Hammond last Thursday, packing the car afterwards while it was sleeting.   Yes, I said sleeting in south Louisiana.  I don't need two hands to count the last time I am aware of that happening....shoot, I don't need two fingers!

Then, I enlisted every family member in the house to cut, assemble, label, and pack for our next show.  We had three days to get a month's worth of work done. We were scheduled to leave early Tuesday.  Monday night around 9, my son informs me that schools and businesses are closing for the next two days due to the ice storm that is predicted to begin around midnight.  Now, just because we live in the northern part of the state, don't think I need all five of those fingers to count the occurrences of this here, either.  We are still in Louisiana, folks.   So, we threw what we had done in the car and headed out around midnight.  Of course, it was already icy and sleeting.  Remember that little certifiable thingie?

The following day (yesterday) we drove south, again.  This time we are heading as far as San Antonio, Texas.  You guessed it, sleeting and raining the entire trip.  What-the-what is going on?  Today, we are driving even further south, like five hours further South.  If it starts sleeting this time, I am not just going to be thinking certifiable, I am going to be thinking friggin' jinxed.  Wish us luck.

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