Monday, February 17, 2014


Aren't I lucky?  I had the best time in McAllen, Texas.  No, it had nothing to do with making money...luckily, since we rarely make enough to make our expenses.  It had everything to do with the folks that we met there.  The way they welcomed us, you would have thought we were celebrities. I started to let it go to my head then I discovered they were just awesome folks and treated everyone beautifully.  So, with my ego back in check, I just simply enjoyed being there.  Now Brandy and I are back in the car and heading home where we have two days to get things ready for another show in Monroe, Louisiana.  That show lasts until Sunday and then we leave around five a.m. Monday for our flight to Puyallup, Washington.  Who set up this schedule, I keep asking myself.  Then, I remember, it was I.  Massive DUH.


  1. you ARE a celebrity in my book ! :)

  2. My friend gave me one of your Quilt Cups for my birthday and I made it up using selvedges from my vast collection!
    I featured it in my blogpost today and linked back to your site.
    Thanks for a cute idea.

  3. I wondered if you ever wrote out the pattern for the sun block that was featured on CBS Sunday Morning show?