Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Change of Plan

Wow, I decided that when I went to Alexander Henry fabrics I was going to limit myself to 4, o.k., maybe five bolts of fabric.  Four hours later,   I see AH, my bank balance, and the  teensy weeny bit of fabric I did not buy in my rear view mirror.  Sixteen bolts! I am not only crrrrazy, I am nearly broke.  Easy come?  Hardly.  Easy go? Absolutely.

I hate halfway done jobs, so Brandy and I decided we had to finish cleaning (out our wallets, gulp).  We headed south to the Brighton outlet and blew the rest of our wad.  Finally, we depart for Santa Fe.  We ended up spending the night in the most delightful town, Wickenburg, Arizona.  

Around 7 a.m. the next day, as we are gassing up for the long drive to Don's house in New Mexico, we get a call from the folks running the quilt show in Phoenix.  REGROUP.  We spent the next hour on the side of the road, madly making phone calls.  Then, we drove down to Phoenix and unloaded right into the show.  Everyone was so delightful, so thoughtful.  I should mention here that both the California and Phoenix shows had amazing set-up one was sitting there timing us , tapping their respective feet, hovering, waiting for is to move our car.  I loved that. We will be back!!

We arrived home late last night and washed a couple of loads of clothes only to repack so I could head to south  Louisiana to do a lecture on quilts to some college students.  After that is done, I head back home.  Nothing to do but sit around....hmmmm, do you really believe that?  If so, call me for some great land I have to sell.....Oh wait, I honestly do have some land to sell.  So, call whether you believe me or not........

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