Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Totally shocked Quilter

From time-to-time I take just a teensy weeny peek at the statistics on my blog.  There are actually those of you who are so loyal, so amazingly faithful to me that you are kind enough to check in on me even when I have been very very bad.....beyond neglectful.  I don't deserve any of you.  Consider yourselves hugged.....heck, just go and give yourself a big fat kiss from me, too.  I am nothing if not generous....

The show in Paducah was grrrrreat.  We were placed in a new spot this year.  Even though we were way over in a corner at the very back of the building, we managed to set a personal best as far as sales are concerned.  The folks were delightful from the AQS personnel, to the shoppers, to the fellow vendors, to the sweet young fireman/EMT who came to ou booth to drool over my daughter.

As you can see from the hour that I am writing this, I should be heading to bed.  So, more later, I just hope it is sooner rather than too much later.  Again, kiss kiss.

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  1. I'm so happy for you that your Paducah trip set a new record! Although it kinda seems like a corner would be bad, to me (the shopper), the corner is the place I can slow down a bit, not get pushed & bumped so much, and breathe a little. Thus, I tend to linger longer at the corner spots. Maybe corners are a good thing??

    Almost finished with my Scrapolator border blocks. What fun this has been!! Sleep now. Smooches right back at ya!