Monday, April 15, 2013

Addictive Quilter

I have always known that I had a tendency to have an addictive personality.  Thank Heavens I did not take up smoking, drinking, or drugs.  The scary part???  I have discovered CASINOS.  I just love the slots.  It used to be doughnuts.  My car turned automatically into the Krispy Kreme parking lots.  I tried to resist, screaming at my kids, "Grab the wheel. Pull."

  But, it was a fight we often lost.  What else was I to do?  We were already in the parking, I bought, and ate, wonderfully warm, fresh, gooey, delicious doughnuts.

Now, it is Casinos.  On the way home from Schaumburg, we stopped at two casinos.  In fact, we stayed at the second one until 2 a.m.   After sleeping a couple of hours in a WalMart parking lot, we arrived home around 8 a.m.  When I called Tom he asked if I won.  I said, "Sure, I won.   I won, then I lost, then I won, then I lost....."

Luckily, there are no casinos within a hour's drive from here...however, there is a doughnut shop in town.  It is not a Krispy Kreme, but, sometimes one has to be a bigger person and overlook small flaws.  Yeah, if I keep overlooking some of these flaws, I will be a lot bigger person.

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