Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quilter's Quandry

We have a dilemma  in front of us.....we are in between shows and the taping without enough time to drive home and then turn around and get back for the Schaumburg Show.  This gives Brandy and me three days without a sewing machine!!! Or, a computer!!  What does one do in these dire situations?

I seem to recall in the T.B.Q.. (Time Before Quilting) that there were days where we read books....did a little knitting....needlepoint.... Cooking..(there must be a mistake.  Forget that I wrote that)....Cleaning (DEFINITELY FORGET I WROTE THAT.  Shake it off, Dianne.  It must be all the sleep I have been getting.  I am not in my write mind.  Apparently, too much sleep and relaxation can warp one's thinking)....

Such trials life can give us.  But we are women; we are creative..first, we overslept.  Next, we spent the day at the Chicago Art Institute ; we had lunch out.  We shopped.  We overslept, again.  We watched television without fabric and a cutting table in front of us.  I did not know the television even worked without a pair of scissors in my hand and the sewing machine plugged in and on. Now, today, we are exploring the countryside.  I could get used to this.....

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