Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quilting in Springfield

Late, very late last night, we arrived safely here in Springfield, Missouri. This morning I decided to make my husband happy. No, not that. He isn't even in the same state. Making him happy this morning involved my changing the oil and rotating the tires on his car that I borrow each time I head to a Quilt Show. The oil is now nice and new. The tires are nice and new, too. Realllly new. It turns out rotation was not an option since there was a nail in one tire and the other had no tread left. ZAP went $500 !!!! sigh. Where was that spa?


  1. jeez you're a Good Wife - I am NOT letting my husband read this LOL -

    it sounds like you did at just the right time - would not have been kewl to have a blow-out somewhere on some secondary road in the middle of noWhere, even if you do have roadside protection help.

    So, are we having fun yet ? So I am guessing today is putting up the booth et al ... be careful !

  2. Hi my BFF. What a doll you are to still be checking in on my musings. You are so right about the tires. What was weird was that just hours before I had been talking to my daughter about just that. Gulp.