Monday, April 4, 2011

Quilter Burns List

Well, I have not really burned it. Just wish I could burn it. Thing is, it is like a roach, it can survive just about everything except Superwoman's shoe. So, I am only temporarily squashing the list by avoidance. I am hiding in front of the computer. Quickly, I am posting a couple of pictures and letting you know that it will probably take more effort than I can muster to add much to my blog over the next few weeks. Brandy and I are heading to Cincinnati for a Quilt Show. Then we head to Springfield, MO, for another one the following weekend. Then, we drive for two days to get to the BEACH. We hope to absorb as much of that heavenly place as we can in three days before heading to Paducah for THE quilt show.

Back in the days-before-reality-hit, Brandy and I took sewing machines, cutting tools, projects, extra fabric (just in case we ran out of projects), even knitting, so we would not be bored in the hotel after the show closed each evening. I mean, heck, most shows close by six. What would we do all evening???? HAHAHAHA. We now know that "what we do all evening" is run errands in a town we know nothing about, grab the best, but cheapest, food we can find, in a town we know nothing about, then drag our bodies back to the hotel and crawl into bed. Sleeping is not difficult--getting enough sleep is. What is more difficult is waking up in the night to pee and you cannot find the bathroom.

Changing subjects, see the pretty girl in front of the pretty car in front of the pretty tree? That is my daughter Brandy. Just thought I would throw that in. Then, the second image is of a corner of the clock I made for Rockland Corporation. Dang, just like the rug I made them, I wanna KEEP IT. Yikes, I see a roach......


  1. what am I supposed to do for a month without your brigth and shining spirit to make me smile ?!

    Stay safe on the highways - that's a lot of miles the 2 of you are going to navigate !

  2. Have fun, and have GREAT shows! I'll be heading home from California on Friday - maybe we'll see each other on the road! Love the chair parts.