Monday, April 11, 2011

A New Quilter

Ha. I just feel like a new woman. I got a good night's sleep. I was so totally exhausted last night that even though I am sore and tired this morning that compared to last night -- Grrrreat. We are off to Springfield, Misery. Oops, I mean Missouri. Last year this was the worst show that I did so I am hoping it will be wonderful this year. The folks who manage it are delightful so that is not the problem. We are doing a class and demos. Come seeeee us, we love hugs.

The last time I spoke, I mentioned my Mother's place. This truck is in her front yard. I thought it was so esthetically pleasing that I took this picture and hope to eventually do a painting based on it. Of course, these are not the "esthetics" that I want in my yard....The second image speaks for itself. Brandy and Cincinnati.

Thanks to those of you who checked in on me, just in case. Love ya!


  1. LOVE the truck - if you got a good side view, I can really see an awesome applique small quilt there - oh yes!

    Sleep is good for those mature folks of us - heals a world of aches. Take care of yourself ! Eat your vegies and drink water on the road !

    I simply cannot imagine the fun you have, seeing other peoples' work at all these shows

    but does your smile ever feel like it is going to crack off , day after day after day ?

    Very happy to see you pop in

  2. Hello, sweet Barb. Thanks a TON for taking the time to check in. I love your suggestion on the truck. When I get some time??

    As for fun, yes, most of this is great. The worst part? Taking down the booth. The smiling comes easily since most of the people we meet are so delightful. It is the repeating of the same information over and over that gets tedious. It helps that when I taught school I usually taught each class the same project so I had to do basically the same speech all day, just like in the booth. So, what I always tried to remember was that for the students, it was new information each class period regardless of how many classes I taught, so, I made myself act like it was the first time I taught it, each and every time, and that it was the greatest information, ever. The enthusiasm seemed to work in the classroom, so I try to apply that in my booth. The secret? I am so enthusiastic about our products that it is hard NOT to be enthusiastic when showing them, heh heh.

    Again, thanks for the BFF super support. By the way, could you please resend your address?