Saturday, April 2, 2011

Disappointed Quilter

Do I need stress relief? Take a gander at my feet. The scariest part? my daughter had to point out that I had on the two different slippers. I had not even noticed. Give me a break. they are so subtle and similar....I need help. So, yesterday, I went to a Spa.

La Teeee DA. Do not be jealous. The description said things like, 90 minutes of massage, and seaweed pack, and sugar scrub, and steam thingies, and stuff like that--All for the bargain price of $175. My best friend, Jan, and I, giggled and made our appointments. In the first place, we were warned repeatedly that we could not be late. We were 15 minutes early. We carefully filled out the paperwork asking if we were stressed, where we needed emphasis during the massage, etc. What they forgot to mention was that they were apparently not held to the "on time" rule. Thirty minutes later, we were escorted to our rooms. By the way, part of the package was a pair of disposable panties for modesty's sake. They were as modest as a thong--a semi-transparent thong. O.K., now, I am naked, but modest. First, I was coated with sugar. That was wiped off (the best part since it involved steamy towels, loved that) and then I was coated in sludge, a.k.a, seaweed mask. While waiting for the mask to do its magic, the attendant asked if I would like my scalp massaged. Duh. Of course. Hello, I have give myself a better head rub. Again, the steamy towels are brought out to take off the Gift from the Sea. I was then directed to the showers. I am thinking, "Strange that I shower before the massage." Silly me. The 90-minute indulgence, done.

I came to the conclusion that these guys cannot read. What's up with "being on time" applying to only the customer? next, where was the steam thingie? Most importantly, where-o-where was the massage??? ? and the 90 minute stuff --Apparently, the 90 minutes included the wait time. Oh, did I mention that there was also a "make-up touch-up" by the make-up expert to be done at the conclusion of the session? The expert was not in. As I said, I need stress relief. Anyone know of a good Spa???


  1. I feel your pain. I think your slippers ARE matched. Lie down and take two easter eggs, call us in the morning.


  2. a. as your BFF, I see ~nothing~ wrong with being creative with one's footwear. Why be so boring as to wear 2 of the same ?! sheesh !!!

    b. I do believe anymore, in the eyes of a lot of commercial enterprises, that the customer is not respected. I bought something recently in a big box store ( ugh !) , one of the 2 items in the box did not work - returned to store - customer rep looks at me and says " oh yeah, someone else bought that same box - I remember the rip rigt there, and returned it last week and said that one did not work," - so they put the box back on the shelf....

  3. I hope that "spa" goes out of business! You deserved better!

  4. Totally love the great support. As my daughter's little gift to me says, "I know I'm in my own world--it's OK, they know me here." You guys seem to know me....