Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quilters on the Road, Again

Here we go, again. This afternoon we leave for Paducah. It will be a long drive but should be a nice one since we are heading north for another Spring. There is still a long list (uh oh) of things we have to do before we actually head out. The last time we prepared for a show we did not even go to bed. We just stayed up all night packing the car. I am a little afraid to say, "That's not gonna happen this time," but, I don't wanna eat any words because they are waaaay fattening.

There should be even more to pack. I ordered the whole line of my fabrics on the 11th of April. On and off, I tried to contact the company to check on the order. Welllll. I finally got in touch with them on Thursday afternoon. I asked, "What has happened to my order? I place it two weeks ago." The gal said, "You did not ask for an expedited order, did you?" Expedited???? Two weeks and the order has not even hit the order department and the next day was Good Friday so the office is closed !! To think I feel guilty if someone places an order with me and it does not go out within hours--not days, not weeks....Live and learn. Fingers crossed that the fabric makes it to Paducah before I leave for home. HUGH sigh.


  1. stay ON the road this time, keep both eyes on the crazy weather and have a great time @ Paducah -

  2. Safe travels, and hope the show is fabulously successful!!