Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Emergency emergency

Emergency emergency. I just got invited to a baby shower being held in Baton Rouge this weekend. Does one actually think I can get away with buying a gift? Could not live with the guilt. So, I added this to my "to do" list and actually did it. As you can see, I added a border. Of course, I did not have that in the plan when I bought the fabric. No matter what I did, 12" of fabric just would not stretch into the 24" that I needed to complete the border. So I am off to the Fabric Shop for more fabric. Definitely better leave this off the list so I
will be sure to get it done??? Hey, even I am confused.

Sorry about the picture quality but I am doing this on my own since my husband is out of pocket. For
many reasons, I much prefer it when he is IN pocket....

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