Monday, January 4, 2010

Red Bra

Hmm. That will officially be the first time I used the new year in actual text. Cannot deny it now, it is here.
I began the New Year by doing what most of the world was doing --at least everyone for a hundred mile radius appeared to be doing, and that was -- returning Christmas gifts and shopping. Dillards always starts their 75% off sale on January 1. They are able to get rid of pretty much anything that even looks like it could have been related to Christmas. ANYthing red or green, ...tag it! (hey, I even bought a red bra, very Christmasey, don'tchathink?) It was a madhouse. I am always reminded of the "I Love Lucy" show where the shoppers are grabbing and fighting over items. Luckily it was not that bad, but it's close. I now have a good bit of my next Christmas' purchases all done as well as all of my Pokino gifts. I'm keeping the red bra, Ho Ho Ho.

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