Wednesday, January 6, 2010

O.K., it is official. I am now a trailer-hauling-show-on-the-road gal, a real trailer hitch and everything. Who wouldathunkit? In fact, by Friday my new trailer will even have my name on it. I will take pictures. Right now I am running around like a chicken with my head off. I get very little done, but double it on the "Running around" part. I am a great list maker. The thing is, I seem to use the list for what I need to avoid doing. Like yesterday, I was still in the fabric designing mode. Not on the to do list. Then, in the middle of trying to pack for Oklahoma, what do I start??? cleaning out the closets. Yeah, like that was on my list !!! Oh well, Goodwill is gonna get a truckload of stuff and I won't even get to haul it in my new trailer because it is already being loaded with quilt stuff. If you see me whizzing by, be sure to wave.

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