Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trailer Hauling Mama

Here she is! I am back in one piece, trailer still attached to the car. Of course, I only parked where
I could go forward. No reverse. No backing up....I was so nervous not only driving with a trailer but heading
North for Gosh sake. I mean, last week there were several feet of snow on the ground in Oklahoma City. The biggest scare that I had was when the vendor of the booth next to me came in on day two and announced that his trailer was gone -- stolen in the night. Also, another vendor had his car stolen. The police told us that on average, there were five trailers a day stolen in Oklahoma since they did not have to be registered. After that sleeping was not an option. It showed on the way home, believe me. I spent half my driving time running off the road. My determination to make it home in one day ended around five in the
evening. By six-thirty I was in a hotel, by six-thirty-one I was in la la land. Amazingly, I slept for 12 hours.
Now, I am back to my "list" of "to -do's", avoiding them, as usual. Guess I had better go see what else I can avoid. I am supposed to leave for another show in the morning so you can imagine my list.

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