Sunday, August 16, 2009

(10 miles)

Don't you just love birthdays? You do not even have to be the one with the actual birthday to reap some of the benefits. I mean, birthday cake, alone, is a treat. We took my girlfriend, Jan, and her husband, Sid, out to dinner last night to celebrate her birthday and it felt like it could just have easily been my birthday with all of the great company and fantastic food. Nothing quite like ending the meal with a perfect creme brulee. AHHHH.

However, I knew the birthday celebration was definitely over at 5:15 this morning when my daughter came to wake me for our walk. Did I mention we finally saw a snake? It was a diamond back rattler and, yes, I was reading when I saw him. Then, as if that were not exciting enough, I was stung by a wasp today, too. Ouch! I am going to concentrate on good thoughts for the rest of the day --Think creme brulee, think key lime pie, think chocolate anything.....

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