Friday, August 14, 2009

(5 miles)

I am BA-A-A-A-CK. Wow, it has, indeed, been a long time by anyone's standards since I added to this Thread. I know that I mentioned earlier that we have been having a lot of computer problems, not the least of which includes the program that runs this site. Sadly, this problem has not been resolved, so, I am back to using my husband's computer to do my writing. nyway, I really have missed writing the Thread more than I would have guessed.

A lot has happened. For one, I traveled to California for the Long Beach Quilt Festival. The bestest thing -- getting to visit with my wonderful cousins and family. The worst part: getting up at 4:00 in the morning for two weeks. It is the "getting up" part that is difficult. Once I am up for a few minutes, I am glad I am getting more out of a day by being up and going so early. It is almost like I am using a coupon for bonus minutes in the day. We got up that early for several reasons, one, none of us likes driving at night, (o.k., so it is dark at that hour but somehow morning dark is different than evening dark), we wanted to get out of whatever town we were in before the rush hour started, and we wanted to get great parking in Long Beach, heh heh.

Another thing that has happened: NEW PRODUCTS. We introduced "
Quilt in a Clipboard," "Hooked on a Quilt" (a coat rack with one hook and another version with three hooks), and a pattern called "Quilt on a Chair." What amazed me was how much folks liked the Quilt in a Clipboard. Not only did I sell all of the samples, but I sold nearly every kit I brought. I
really thought the coat racks were going to be the best sellers since they are so practical. Oh well, trying to second guess preferences is always risky. I am just delighted that folks still like what I am doing!

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