Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quilting on Hold

Online, at last.  Not only have I been out of town with no time to log onto the internet, we had to totally dismantle the computers so the furniture could be moved for the repairs.  So even if I had been home it would have been nada unless I went into town.  I missed writing.  Hopefully, at least one or two of you guys missed me, too.  Anyway, as usual, we have hit the ground running....literally, since I have not been able to do my practice walking for waaaay too long.  This Breast Cancer Walk is gonna kill me if I do not take serious advantage of the next few weeks. Gulp. 

While we were away we were able to pick up the manuscript from the publisher.  We now have a few days to read and revise before sending it back.  This has been the most interesting, and so far, positive experience.  The best part?  Meeting everyone along the way, especially Andi and Caryl.  If you guys do nothing else with quilting, you must go see Caryl Bryer Fallert's studio/store/home in Paducah.  Her quilts were selected as part of the 100 most significant quilts of the century and in my mind, there is no doubt why.  FABULOUS.  She, herself, is a doll. 

Excuse me while I hit the streets.  Pictures soon of what I have been working on.  Your guess if they mean I can cross anything off  the "L," heh heh.

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  1. I wondered where you'd been! So glad to hear from you & know all is well in thread-head land.