Thursday, September 15, 2011

After the Quilter's Day Off

I could get spoiled by days like yesterday.  We went to a lovely place for my birthday lunch.  Fried oysters, YUMMM.  Then, we had several errands to run but we decided to shop, instead.  I totally love bargains.  I know that is so unique to me...Yeah, right.  I bought two fabulous long dresses, thinking where will I ever wear these?  Who cares?  Anyway, my husband called and told me he had changed his mind about waiting until the weekend to celebrate my birthday.  Instead, he made reservations at the nicest place in town and made the three hour drive home after he got off work.  Of course, we ran late getting home from shopping so I dressed in the car (usually I get undressed in the car, ponder that for a second) and put on one of those fabulous dresses.  Funny thing, my husband kept drooling even before we ordered food, heh heh.

Then, when we got home, there were gifts waiting.  I got a new printer, a new GPS, and, remember the "nasty purse?"  Well, my hubbie even picked out the right one without even asking for a clue as to which purse I had "marked." I knew I married the right guy!!!!!  Then, there was one more awesome gift,..................... oh, nevermind.  I am sure you are jealous enough already, heh heh

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