Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pooped Quilter

Whew. It takes a lot out of me to walk in this heat. I did nine miles today and stupidly got started later than I like. Wanna take a snooze? Read on. Things are pretty much same ol', same ol' these days. House is in shambles, book is progressing, and I am getting ready for the next show, in Long Beach.

I will tell you a little story. I believe I mentioned that I drove up to Paducah last week and about the fiasco with the photographer scheduling. By the way, it turned out he was really nice. Anyway, my daughter and I decided to take a day and piddle around town, have a nice lunch, shop, go to the museum, etc. An actual day of relaxation. I looked that word up in the dictionary because I had forgotten what it meant...anyway, the town is lovely. Wonderful shops are everywhere, tempting even the most prudent shoppers. I, of course, do not fall into that category so it was Temptation City for me. We found the most delightful dress shop right off the bat. We tried on tons of clothes and I found one terrific shirt--had to have it. Well, when I went to purchase the item, my credit card was rejected. I only use one credit card. My head was spinning. I decided, go eat some lunch and call 911 (HUSBAND). He was in meetings all day and not able to answer his cell. Panicky, I decided I would check out of our hotel and go home, immediately. I mean, I only had about $200 bucks in cash on me. I paid $80 of that for the room. It was now around 5 pm and we had about 12 hours of driving in front of us. Remember, we were pulling a trailer that, full, meant we got about 10 miles to the gallon. Do the math, I now had about $120 bucks. That purchases about 40 gallons of gas. That gets us about 400 miles.....we had nearly 700 to go...... As we are driving, our conversation went like, "O.k, check all over my purse for any more money."... "call your Dad."..."count the change"...."look in the glove box"".."call your Dad."...".think we will be arrested as vagrants if we sleep in a Wal-Mart parking lot like the 18 wheeler guys?"..."should we eat anything and use up gas money?" "call your Dad"........

Finally, we got in touch with Tom. He pleaded with us to stop at a hotel and he would call in his credit card number. Of course, I did not listen. I rarely listen. Why start now???? I just did not think I could sleep under the circumstances, anyway. We arrived home around five in the morning with less than $10 in our pockets, exhausted, and teary eyed. The next day I called the bank. They had no idea why the card was rejected. NO answers at all. What was that word??? Relaxation? Serves me right. Any word I have to research, I probably should not incorporate into my life...bad karma,very bad karma.


  1. It's always something, right? I got a decline last year & immediately called the cust. service number on the back of my card. The decline was really just a hold because they were uncertain of the vendor I was purchasing from. I said it was OK & voila - no more problem with the card. Don't forget that little number on the back of your card if you ever experience this again :-) Glad you're home safely, though!!

  2. Thanks for the sweet thoughts and support. You are always a dear and dear to my heart.