Friday, July 15, 2011

I Shoud Have Been Quilting

Breathe, breathe...breathe, Dianne. It has to be better than not breathing, right? I am referring to my actions these days, particularly with respect to the credit card issue. I now know that I had several options. However, I just panicked. Always a dumb idea. Even the great guy who is helping us repair the water damage asked why I did not call him. Like I even thought that would be an option? Anyway, hopefully, there will not be a next time, but, just in case, I am going to practice "not to panic!, not to panic, not to,um, wait, doesn't that mean I have to get in more panic situations to see if it is working? I do not like this plan at all.

Breathe...take a very deep breathe. Then think. That is my new plan....thinking. Novel idea.

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